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Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday ~ OOTD

Hey peeps! It's been a while but am here again, today's post is just sharing some pictures from over the weekend. As you know it was Mother's Day yesterday so I took my mummy out for a meal with my father and sister. We have loads of fun but I had so take some shots of my outfit. More details on my main blog.

Trousers: peacock
Shoes: new look
Bag: H&H
Top: peacock
Jellewry: Superdrug/H&M


Saturday, March 22, 2014

{Favourite Manicure} Team Purple or Lilac!!!

Hey peeps!
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Purple or Lilac, which team are you? So I am back with another favourite manicure post.

Right hand I painted my nails with darker purple I love this nail polish and it drys quick but it's not non-chip kinda nail polish but I still dig it lol. 

Left hand I chosen a lighter purple (or lilac) just because I felt like it. This is my primark brand and I love it, if you read my previous blog post on manicure and pedicure you will remember that I 
mentioned the pack of 7 small nail polish.

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you liked it, you free to link my post to your blog posts should you wish to. 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Favourite Post ~ Manicure} Chestnut Red

Hey lovelies! It's Thursday and I have decided to start doing my manicure posts again! I really enjoyed doing them but now I hardly have the time to take photos once I do my nails.

Anyway enough of that, so today and the rest of this week I will be rocking chestnut red by Cien. This is a brand am not so familiar with but am working my way up.

I bought this nail polish during a grocery run with my boo and I just could not pass up the opportunity. I am also trying out other Cien products like Lipgloss (in chestnut red too) and waterproof mascara.

This nail polish is quick dry and a single coat is enough to give that vibrant chestnut colour and have good coverage but since I wash my hands like a mad person I always put two coats of any nail polish for a longer wear. 

I did a test drive on this nail polish about a month again and I only had one coat on I was disappointed in that within 2 days it was coming off hence why am doing two coats now. 

Thanks for reading my post, hope to see you again on my next post. 

***This is not a sponsored post***


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ Kimchi Lunch in Oxford

Happy peeps! so on Sunday my best friend and I went to oxford for lunch at a korean restaurant called "Bam Boo" we saw on a night out in Oxford. We have been obsessed with everything korean for the last 2+ years and we don't look like we will be slowing down anytime soon. Today's post I will share some of the pictures we took as it was such a lovely day to waste. I hope you enjoy the pics, until next time ciao.

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{All Time Favourite} These boots are made for walking

JustFab - Zane (in Chestnut)

JustFab Boots - Zane in Chesnut
Hello my lovelies, today's post is all about my new justfab boots which if you watch my YouTube videos will know I bought to treat myself for Christmas. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel here.

I am 5'7 (approx. 170m) and I have long legs that run up a mile, when I say this boots are high I mean high and not in heel terms as you can see they are flat boots but go high up the leg passed the junction and land right ontop of my thighs.

A few months back I signed up to justfab VIP membership program which works as follows:

1. Choose your style
2. Every month thee stylists will pick something that they think will match your style
3. You will receive monthly e-mails where you get the chance to buy the items picked or skip that month. 
5. If you do not skip the month, they will charge your account £35 and you can use that to buy whatever you desire in their online shop and the delivery charge is free to VIP members only. 
6. If you do skip they do not charge your account.
7. Every purchase made earns you points which can be used online once you received a certain number of points. 

So I forgot to check the stylist list and decide if I wanted to cancel or not and I am glad I didn't. Though I loved the stylist picks I got, but I wanted something else and these boos were and still are it. So let's get down to what you want to know, the specs.

What's good

These boots are warm, cosy and comfy
They do not let water in and they do not because cold when it's cold
The design and the colour (chestnut) are brilliant
The material is great too and they are easily foldable 
The elastic band at the back gives you extra strength when putting them on without causing damage or trouble. 

What's effy???

Unless you have big calfs these will row down if you packing any stick legs that I have
Don't understand the point of the straps but that's the not so creative and imaginary side of me.

Let me know if you have ever bought any boots or bags from JustFa.com, I know I love their bags, they are strong and they last and I hope the same for my boots. 

Thanks for reading, see you in my next post.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

{Off-Sundays} Here is to the weekend

Hello peeps, quick post to share my weekend with you all. Saturday went out in oxford for some well needed and deserved night out and Sunday was chilled with a trip to the newly discovered and loved Korean restaurant called Bam Boo. A few pictures for you till next post. 


Saturday, March 15, 2014

{Favourite Post} October 2013 ~ Volunteering at RDA

Hey my lovelies! Welcome back my blog, happy thanksgiving - belated as you will be reading this day after thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time to show our thanks and I think to help those in need and that's what myself and 17 other work colleagues did on thanksgiving day. I would like to introduce a UK charity to you, it's called Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).

RDA incorporating carriage driving is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through the provision of horse riding, carriage driving and vaulting. Through a network of 500 volunteer groups throughout the uk, RDA provides opportunities for therapy, achievement and enjoyment, improving health, well being and self-confidence, and benefiting mobility and co-ordination. 

When I read this people in there newsletter I was very moved and happy I was there to help in a small way. 

So before joining the company I work for I had never heard of RDA but I am glad I have been given this opportunity to be involved with this charity. So our tasks for the day included but not limited to - 

* Painting
* Sweeping the grounds
* Cutting up logs and taking to the bon-fire 
* cutting the shrubs 

It was a fun day, we worked as a team. The weather was miserable but it was not raining so that was a plus. The hosts were incredible, fun, caring and open. 

I am very happy to have spent my thanksgiving day giving something back to the community and getting involved in a very very good cause. 

If you would like to support this wonderful charity please visit: www.rda.org.uk.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{Favourite Post} December 2013 ~ Kitty Peach your Blossom

1. Model co. ~ Kitty
2. Lord & Berry ~ Peach Gleam 
3. Boots ~ Apple Blossom

Hello my lovelies? So today I just wanted to share with you some of my go to lipsticks I have been rocking this winter along side my reds.

I am no colour expert but these lipsticks look similar and give almost the same effect on my lips. But no one said I can just have one, I think 3 is better than one. The model co. I got from the Birchbox (November box), this is very soft and moisturises my lips. This lipstick stays on for hours and it hardly smudges it's more gloss than lipstick but that's the part of the charm.

Lord&Berry I got this from my first beauteco box, I will admit I don't use it as much as I use the model co. When I wear this I like to dilute it a bit, so what I do is wear a dark lip liner then apply Vaseline then apply this lipstick and I love the end result. I have worn it alone before and it does stay long but it sometimes feels like chalk because your lips dry under it (weird) hence why I use the Vaseline to keep my lips moisturised longer.

The Boots apple blossom was no bought by me but my little sister, she used to wear it too cute so I "borrowed" it permanently and I love it. It's moisturising, stays on long but it's easy transfer but even after it's remnants are evident on your lips.

Thanks for reading my post, have you tried any of these lip sticks? What was your verdict?


Sunday, March 09, 2014

Week 15: Lamenting ~ word of the month

Owner unknown.
I wrote this post earlier on in the year but I think it's so applicable this December too because most people are looking at what they had set to accomplish by the end of the year and not much has changed. I happy to say I took some steps and stepped out of my comfort zone (as I read recently in your comfort zone there is no room for growth). I am happy to say I feel I am doing what I said I would do in March and living my life proactively, loving me and most importantly having God as the pilot in my life
When you heard the title of this post what was the first thing that came to mind? Me myself and I we thought "laminates" I know crazy right?? Yep indeed crazy because I am not talking about laminates but the full meaning of the word lamenting! Lamenting is a word used to express regret, why am I using it now? Well I do personally have regrets but the main reason is because it was the word used at the youth service I recently attended.

March is a time when many people start to either express regrets because they did not start working on their New Years resolution or because they are now realising they were being unrealistic and are now giving up the resolutions. January and most of February most gyms across the country were packed with people signing up to gym memberships or even gym classes. I am sad to announce that I am one of those who regretting not doing my gym schedule as I had promised myself I would do. Though it was not a New Years resolution because I had in fact started going to the gym last October but regardless march is the month I have had a moment to reflect and verse out my regret. 

So now we have found out that most people are lamenting this month, what's the next step? Well for me personally is to change my outlook on things, I have always been a personal who procrastinates a lot and i did mention when I started a July dreamer that procrastination is a thing of the past now I will be a doer. I must confess (pun tended) that I have not really changed much in way of procrastination. I still find myself day/night dreaming about things I could just actually get up and do that instance instead of overthinking things. So here is my new plan:

* I do not have to join another gym, where I am now I am getting the exercise I need. LIVING PROACTIVELY
* I have started taking charge of my being, it has become exhausting trying otherwise. MOVING FORWARD and LOVING ME
* God is now my main pilot and I a co-pilot of my life. GOD's IN CHARGE 

So this is my new plan which is effective immediately, What is or was your plan for 2014?

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{Favourite Post} November 2013 ~ DailyLooks

** This week I am recycling my old posts, especially the ones which you loved the most. To kick start off my recycling I am starting with DailyLooks**

***Please note I take these images from the e-mails am sent by DailyLooks***

Look1: Jumpsuits ~ my man hates these things and with good reason (for him), me I love them except bathroom time. This look is simple yet sophisticated enough to be worn anywhere be it to work, church, lunch date etc. I love that its paired with this stilettos, the cardigan gives it the casual look. This look I would ROCK

Look2: Red Dress, I love this dress this is one of the pieces I have in my closet. I have always paired this dress with either flats (for when am running errands) or heels (for when I dress to impress). I am not so sure about the boots in this look but I love the entire ensemble regardless. I ROCK this look

Look3: Lace Dress - In my closet there is only so many lace items but I love them and am a little bit scared when it comes to styling them up. This is a simple look  and as stated by DailyLooks "Bastille's nightlife". The shoes am not too happy with but I am not always happy wearing tights on a night out. CONSIDERING THE LOOK.

Look4: Well slap me silly and the wake me up again, I am so in love with this look!! Its cute, Its fashionable, its elegant and its beautiful. I am wearing this look for my friend's wedding (as soon as the invite arrives). WILL ROCK THIS LOOK.

Look5: Floral Pants ~ This is my one and only floral pant, I was so happy when I saw this look in DailyLooks E-mail. I have been looking for how to style it differently to my usual, I love that its paired with gorgeous animal print heels. This look is sophisticated yet elemo.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please comment below and let me know what you think. As always its a pleasure and is greatly appreciated when you stop by.

**If you love these looks and would like to buy any of the items above please visit dailylooks.com**


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Lovers and losers ~ Heart Review

Hello peeps!! Today's post is one close to my heart, I think January and February have carried more crappies than they have had happies but I believe everything happens for a reason and the important thing is to stay positive and be grateful I am happy, healthy and alive.

January taught me a lot and really reaffirmed my father's teachings "just because a dog smiles at you don't mean it likes you" nothing could have made this parable more true than what January gave me I have learnt and I have lived and an important message is to "live and learn" at this point in my life I am living by "once bitten twice shy" motto. Don't get me wrong I am not sheltering myself and not taking risks I am, I am just more cleverer on what risks to take. Though January was hard in it's own essence it was also a much needed learning curve for me and I believe I am much happier and stronger because of it. 

February had so much promise and I continued with living positively and ready for anything and it really proved me right but in it I was tested and still am more than I thought possible. My naivety is one to question but how I have been brought up has helped me to keep the essence but also to learn quickly and move forward. February saw me lose my beloved auntie, gave me a new and wonderful role and many other wonderful things. Losing a loved one will never be an easy thing, what was worse was seeing my mother cry <-- this took all my fighting power and left me numb. I walk around smiling happy and giving the world my best and being their for everyone and yet inside I feel something I can not describe. 

March had started with a message of strength and I am ready for whatever, the priest at church said something that captured me and is still running around in my mind. He simply said "people ask in time of need especially when you lose a loved one, where is God! How can this be his will?" The priest said "God is always there for us and because the evil spirits do not want us to believe in God they try to hurt and separate us from God by taking away the things or people we love the most" so that we can doubt God and leave him but what we should do is the more the evil spirits do this the faster we run back to God. 

Finally I wanted to say a huge thank you to my readers and new subs. I appreciate the love and your time, till next time.

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