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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Off-Saturday: What you don't know about me!!!

Hey there Guys&Dolls!!

Happy Saturday, today's post is a really short but personal post. So I was relaying my life experiences to my friend when she said you should right a book, it made me laugh but it also brought me an idea - to write what you don't know about me.

* You didn't know I had an accident when I was three months - broke my small leg but it's glued back together so I am fine. 

* You didn't know I was once stranded in a big city and I was assisted by an angel who no one saw but me ( FYI - am not crazy!!)

* You didn't know I was once hit by a bus' side mirror when the bus was driving at 60Miles and I was using a side walk. 

* You didn't know I can bake, quite good actually. 

Thank you for reading my short emotional post. Have good weekend 

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Friday, November 29, 2013

{Off-Friday} Accepting Sponsors/Advertisers!!!!

Hello there, Happy Friday (x4) I am singing this and typing it such a surreal week this has been and I am glad it has come to an end. So during this festive month, I have decided to take sponsors/advertisers that will feature on both my blog and will rung from December 01 till January 01, 2013. My blog is slowly growing which I am really excited about and want to offer you the chance to grow with me, click on my sponsor page to view my stats.

Purely-By-Accident is now A July Dreamer

Myrbaev's Corner is now The Myrabev Life 

If you are interested in swaps, please drop me an e-mail: Myrabev@ajulydreamer.com. 

Thank you for reading my blog and sponsoring/advertising with me.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Relationships: Looking Good for US*

Hey Guys&Dolls!!! Happy Thursday, today's post is quick, short and sweet. So today I am talking about looking good, and looking good for who? You and him/her.

There comes a time in every relationship when everybody just gets comfortable. I will be the first to admit that I got waaay way comfortable in this my relationship. I used to have a house mate who used to dress up like crazy for her man whom she saw daily, me on the other hand I was happy in my warm pj's and my leggings with no look just plain simple comfy life. 

Well that has changed now and I an putting in my every effort to look good for me then for him and us, but firstly it's for me above all else. 

So to give an example, I wrong this chestnut orange dressmy man bought me and paired it with my favourite black heels with little to no accessories unless tights count as accessories. What you guys think?

I think it's important to remind your partner that sexy you ain't dead still here. Because I am constantly told men are visual creatures who see something one and they wanna touch so put your best on and let him/her touch you not your good looking friend of yours. 

Thanks for reading, please comment below I read each comment and reply within 24hours. 

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Week 1: Personal Confessions - Zumba

Hello there Guys&Dolls!!! Happy Thursday and welcome to my weekly personal confessions. So Tuesday night I went to my first even Zumba class and let me tell you what my legs said after the class, my legs were in so much pain am sure they cursed me. I attend spin classes every Monday and Wednesday and Tuesday is usually my rest day and good lord I made a worth while mistake as I write this post my legs are fade up with me. 

So I hear you ask, why would I get so tired from my first EVER Zumba class? Well my lovelies apart from the obvious it was more exercise than I realised, I originally thought it's just dancing and you don't really sit dance classes as "normal" gym classes but let me tell you they are more painful that body conditioning. 

So what is Zumba then and when did it come about? Well it's been around since the 90s but came into its own in the last 5 years when it took the world by the horns. 

"Zumba involves dances and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop,socasambasalsamerenguemambo andmartial artsSquats and lunges are also included."

I had do much fun, though painful it's worth it and I have booked for next week. 

Have you ever done Zumba before? What was your experience of it?

Thanks for reading my blog, don't forget to comment below. 

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Relationships: Growing together

Hello Guys&Dolls!! Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to my relationship series, today's blog we will quickly touch on growing together and what that means. Relationships are hard work but they are only as hard as you make them, it's so easy to watch other peoples relationship and wish you had that. All well and good admiring a good healthy relationship but I was taught long time ago "don't wish to live like your neighbour, you never know what deals with the devil they had to make" in other words don't wish to have what they have without knowing there inner story. 

Over the last 6 years my partner and I have been growing together nicely and moulding wonderfully. I will not sugarcoat it, it was hard at times but we both knew what we wanted out of this relationship, where we were headed and what we had to do to get their. 

We have made scarifies both of us, some we did not like at that time but I always believe The Lord wouldn't willingly let me fall in a pit without a heads up first. I know people always say "oh I never knew a thing" when the break up but think carefully about it because God will always give you the signs, if you pray about it they will light up like a Christmas tree. 

My advice is -:

* pray about it in private just you and the good lord

* pray together and work together to compliment each other. 

* Trust one another, the benefit of the doubt is the key.

* love and Accept each other as you are with all the imperfections. 

* Most importantly listen to one another so you can really hear your partner, grow together and believe in each other.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this was helpful. Please comment below for anything. 

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Week 1: Personal Confessions - I think I am fat

Hey Guys&Dolls!!!

Do you ever feel like you just fat for you height and frame or is it just me? I have always had a big tummy from can't remember when, at school my friend used to ask why? But I couldn't answer them so I would ask my mother and she would say don't worry about it your beautiful the way you are and life doesn't stop because someone noticed you tummy is bigger than theirs. So I have lived with that and it never bothered me until we moved to the uk were everything or should I say 90% is all about body image with only 25% have the "normally desired" size.

When we came to uk I was size 6/8 weighing in at 9stone, 10 years on I am 10/12 weighing in at 11stone. I have gained 2stones and moved up 4 dress sizes. I have a slim/slender frame with a big tummy making me look 3-4 months pregnancy it's only because I have an ample cleavage that I can usually get away with murder.

I came to the conclusion that I am fat when I couldn't fit into my favourite pair of jeans! Good lord that was a bad morning, I had an outfit in mind and how it was gonna look like and all of a sudden the damn trouser wouldn't pass my non-existent hips. Oooh I was besides myself, I immediately made a mental note and mental change towards my health. That day at work I stayed away from the sugary stuff and that afternoon I signed up for the gym to start next day (which I did and still going strong).

We all have an item in our closets that is NOT our size but miraculously we fit, that item is forever worn and protected because they are your go to item when something special creeps up on you and you want minimal effort but drop dead diva in 5. I am happy to report that 3 weeks after my system shocker I am back in my got to jeans but as my HUGE TUMMY is in my way I am yet to start buttoning it them up.

How did I mange to squeeze in 3 weeks on, everyday exercise size and healthy eating. My exercise was not only at the gym but at the house too, I practice what I am taught in the gym at home and I don't eat after 8 only drinks or unless on night out which means double effort in gym.

Thanks for reading my blog, please know I love comments and appreciate them greatly.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 1 - Personal Confessions: Oooops Moments!!!

Hello to you my Guys&Dolls? I hope you having a good start to week!!! happy Tuesday, so over the weekend I found myself reading a lot of magazines (Reveal, Best etc) I bought one of those 3 in a pack for price of one. I have never really been one to sit down and read an entire magazine but this gone weekend I did exactly just that I sat down and read all the stories and that's when I came across a short advert/confessions from women around the country (I assume).

The so called ooops moments has plagued me for the past month or more can't tell anymore, I can not for the life of me fathom why I am experiencing this. Firstly it started with me constantly visiting the little ladies room then when I was too busy at work I would forget until I felt a ooops happening. This has been really bothering me but at present I do not have the time to actually go and see a nurse so I did some research of my own and I am sure I fit perfectly in a couple of categories so now I will book some time off and go see a doctor or nurse.

I did my research using the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Informstion Clearinghouse (NKUDIC) a mouth full I know but I wanted something accredited because as we all know self diagnosing is a big issue in this era. So this website said:

"Bladder control problems are something that happen not only when you get older but it can happen at all stages". 

The website went to describe the different types of bladder control problems -

* Temporary incontinence - it's in the name it's temporary and can be cured once cause is found.
* Stress incontinence - again it's in the name but this one is not caused by mental stress, the stress here is bladder stress e.g. Laughing too much, sneezing, coughing etc.
* Mixed incontinence - this could be a mix of the two above or other types

There many others that are listed, this site did not stop there but also listed some of the causes - 

* Medicine, alcohol, and caffeine - some medicines can relax your bladder nerves which keeps them from telling the brain that the bladder is full. Alcohol as we all know causes the nerves to fail where as caffeine causes the bladder to fill up more quickly.

* Excess weight - if you too fat for your body frame, this could leave to stress on your bladder leading to oops moments.

* Infection - this is usually the cause in most people, UTL can irritate the bladder nerves making them squeeze without any warning. <-- I think this is my current cause but I will check with my doctor.

There many ways to health reduce the ooops moments and some of those include limiting the number and types of drinks you drink at night, diet, weight loss etc but my favourite one is Pelvic Muscle Strengthening <-- this can be achieved by doing the Kegel Exercises.

Kegel exercises helps to strengthen the pelvic muscle without using any equipments and best part is once you learn how it's done you can do it anywhere but the catch is finding the right muscles to squeeze. It's suggested that after about 8 weeks of Kegel practice you should notice a difference in your frequency of urination.

Thank you for reading my blog, I signed up to try new Tena liners to help with my ooops moments. If you want to try them please visit: lightsbyTENA.co.uk you can also downloaded my pelvice floor fitness "MY PFF" App at lightsbyTENA.co.uk/my-pelvic-floor-fitness.

***Please note this is NOT a sponsored post***

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 1 - Personal Confessions: Diet & Exercise

Hey Guys&Dolls

Happy Monday! Yesterday I was on the train returning from visiting G when I saw something I have been thinking about a lot lately and that's dieting and exercising. I am not going to do the traditional diet I will just mainly cut down my sugar content and exercise more. 

I think the STARS have aligned because my star (cancer) this week or rather last week echos my thoughts. 

My diet will mirror the Special K diet but not completely instead of eating cereal all day for 2 weeks I will have cereal of my choice at breakfast and super and I will eat a healthy and nutritious lunch and exercise after work.

My exercise plan is quite simple it will mainly involve classes and no full gym experience. 

Monday - Spin class for 1hr
Tuesday - Zumba class for 1hr
Wednesday - Spin class for 1hr
Thursday - Legs/Bums/Tums and Abs workout
Friday - off
Saturday - off
Sunday - off 

This exercise plan I have been using for the past 2 weeks with an exception of Tuesday and a few classes here and there. 
At present I am 75kg and I will weigh myself 2 weeks today to see if there has been any weigh loss or tonning. 

Thank you for reading my blog! I really appreciate you reading my blog, please know I love comments and appreciate them.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Relationship Advice - Part 2

Source Unknown

So here is part 2 of my relationship advice, and today's topic is on Trust. Trust is a big word that should not be taken lightly, many will say to you I trust you but when the time comes for them to show it they are the first people to throw you under the bus so its very important to have a good foundation for any relationship to survive. Without trust what do you really have?

Let me know what you think, please comment, like and subscribe.

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Relationship Advice - Part 1

Source unknown

Welcome to my relationship advice series, this is a different kind of blog post because its video based. I will be talking about experiences from my own past relationships and current relationship, please note all opinions are my own and I do not mean to offend anyone.

Let me know what you think!!!Comments are most welcome. x


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Persona Confessions: What Makes Me Happy!!!

Often enough in life we reach a point in our lives when we ask, what makes me happy? There so many teachings and sayings around happiness but for me it's simple MY FAMILY both my side and my partners side. I have had the pleasure of growing up in an extended family household, I remember when I was a kid my 2 uncles and 2 aunties lived with us and every school holiday we had my cousins come to stay with us. It was always a packed house the minimum number of adults and kids in our house at any one time during school holidays was 13 so you can imagine it was a very busy household but it was fun and filled with love.

So I guess you could say through out my childhood have been conditioned to always count on my family and always put my family's happiness first above all else, because for me when my family is happy and content so am I. I am not talking about riches, everyone with money in there pockets! as much as that would be nice it's not what am on about, I am saying loving one another is enough for me and taking care of my family is enough to cause me happiness and put my beautiful smile on display.

Right now am with my partners family and we being together enjoying some fishing, reminiscing and just looking out for each other is enough. Having moved away from my parents house I don't get to see them as often as I would like but we talk as much as we can.
Family is important, remember it's not only your blood family that you should find happiness with it's the people that are always there for you blood or no blood.

I hope when you read this post you will find some happiness in your own family and cherish that because remember not all have the good fortune like you and me.

Thanks for reading my blog, please follow, comment and like it won't cost you anything.

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Relationships: Expectations - The what was

Have you ever noticed now when things are not going your way you start to reminisce about the good old days? You remember them times ladies when he used to call you 7 times plus in a day, you didn't even have to ask some things he already knew because he was observant! Or how he used to hold you or say your name? Those good old days when you thought he could not see past you, anything outside you didn't not exist! Do you remember them times or are they too far back in your memory you can't even imagine them actually being reality thinking it may have been someone else' dream.

When this point arrives in your relationship ladies you've gat a few options and I will mention some. 1) check why they have changed, what did you do? What did he do? Or what didn't either or you do? 2) can you work on this or not? If not run or yes put on your best shoes and work on it. 

Every girl knows we date men that sell us dreams, he may not even have said it but its how he carried himself before you that started to create that dream, in some case you can live that dream happily in other cases he sold you bulls and only wanted to get it on.

Source unknown

Things change in every relationship good or bad but it's how you both behaviour towards it and how much influence you let the outside world have on your relationship. 

Guys am sure you have read this and thought ya what about us? Well what about you? Some of you are worth it some are not

So guys you treat your girl right all this time and you decide to test if she really loves you or the things YOU BUY so you start sliding, am not saying you should do this but it's a starting point to know. Some women will stay with you through thick and thin some will bail. If they bail you know if they don't you know as well.

But don't be too quick to judge those who bail check the reasons and if its all money then you definitely know. 

Relationships are hard and always will be but when both parties are committed and in it for the long haul then you can make it work otherwise don't wasting each other's time. 

What are your thoughts on this topic.

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Relationships: Our Story - How we met

Unknown Source
**Short version**
One day after a long day at college I decided to take my brother up on using the computer/Internet to meet new people. So went to match.com to register but 'someone' won't say who! had already registered me, I got some really interesting propositions and some am sad to say should never be said to a lady like mwa ka!

So 2 years later after meeting and kissing a few frogs, multiple disappointing dates and websites I decided it's time to give up and just meet people the old fashioned way (my imagination thought I was gonna bump into someone and instantly hit it off and wala).But something caught my eye on zorpia.com couldn't believe what I saw (nothing naughty) I decided I was gonna say hello and if no response will officially close the account and start looking among the living. 

Before I knew what was happening I was chatting to this nice young man very interesting and all this happened after what I would call an argument he would call it a misunderstanding. From that day on (13/01/08), we chatted every day and talked like old friends with a sparkle. On 19/01/08 we decided to meet in person First date we chatted in the car then went to cinema after went to the local pub. Am sure his ears are burning still we talked (well I talked) for hours before I realised it was late and this only happened because mother rung. 

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Relationships: Cougar V. Sugadaddy

Question? How come if a woman dates a young man they are called "Cougar" and usually makes it sound wrong but when a man dates a young woman it's ok or rarely classified as sugar daddy?
At first when women "non-celebrity" dated/married a young man they were termed cradle robbers? But no body minded as much when older man married a young woman. To me it seems women have and are still being judged more harshly than their male counterparts. I myself am guilty in a small way to feeling some weirdness dating a young man but i feel it's ok for me to date an older guy. I am in no way against dating someone younger than yourself I think it depends on the person. For me I feel like anyone younger than me can't be viewed anything more than my brother, don't get me wrong am not saying younger men are less better than older men but its my preferences and my opinion.

My opinion may have been influenced more by the fact that every guy I dated who was my age or a little older always behaved childishly. It's well known that in most cases women develop faster "in maturity" than men that's just how it is and having witnessed that myself over the years I just felt going out with someone younger than me was a no no. Again don't misquote me their are men out there who have developed either faster or same as their female counterparts but their are a few. 
Now I have blabbed on about "maturity" now let me explain this, a mature minded  man with his senses in tact will always think of the bigger picture not just here and now and neglect the future. He will be putting others before himself, commitment does not scare him he embraces it. He cherishes what he has doesn't always trade it up for a new joy every time his bored instead he works at it and if cant work he discusses it and bids his farewell. Maybe I am thinking of a fictional character here but I would like to think that, that kind of men have described are out there and my man is one of them. To the ladies I will say this don't just choose the one with the money choose that one whose working for it who has a dream, ambition and can support himself, you and if ever happens your kids too. These days it's not easy and am not saying compromise to the point of dying no just don't overlook them all because you have certain desires. If he ticks 6/10 take him and work together on the other 4.  

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading. Please remember to subscribe, like and comment. 

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Relationships: Long Distance - Fight for Love

***First published on July 10, 2013 @ PBA***

Long distance relationships, how do people make them work? Well I personally think it takes commitment on both sides in equal measure to make it work, I think if both parties are compromising equally and always listen and look out for one another then it can and will work. Apart from these two people loving each other they have to trust each other too, because a relationship without trust is more often than none compared to a body without the head. I will be honest and say this out right if you don't trust your partner then mate start looking for a new partner or do something about it to fix that and am not talking about quick fix am talking about COMMUNICATION AND HONEST to one another. I myself have been in a long distance relationship before and I guess am experiencing that now but our distance is just 2 hours by car and 3 hours give or take by train, so we are within reach of each other. I feel for people who have a distance of a continent by that I mean you here (UK) and your partner is in USA, AUSTRALIA, ASIA or AFRICA or even vice versa. How do you go about's making it work? It all comes back to what have mentioned above, TRUST accompanied by LOVE, COMMUNICATION, HONEST and FRIENDSHIP. Many people forget the friendship part just because you in a relationship does not mean you cant be friends hell you already friends but I mean doing thinks you would do with your friends normally if they were abroad like sending messages or you see something that reminds you of them and you just post an e-mail or text and just tell them what you've seen or done that reminds you of them. We all want to know that the people who are far away miss you as crazily as you miss them because thinking that they don't remember you of they have completely forgotten you well that just drives paranoia which is never good for anyone because that usually leads to rushed decisions that you usually end up regretting later.

If you are in a long distance relationship, what have you done to make sure that that relationship does not or has not failed? How do you go about living your life without that person you love being around or being able to contact you as much as you would like?

People who are in the ARMY, how do you copes? How do you do it? Have read stories what people who've gone to war and there loved ones waited for them, in this context loved one are referring to BF/GF/Fiance etc.

Let me know how you've done it and how you inspire other people to go on because I know first hand its not easy.

Much love peeps...Comment below and send me your reviews or whatever.

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Myrabev's Corner ~ 1st Official Post

Hi there and welcome! Most of you who follow my blog Pure By Accident (now A July Dreamer) will know that it previously had the URL of The Myrabev Life blog. I was devastated when I lost all my followers and comments but also my little title (Myrabev) so I decided to start another blog with the same name.

Most people who came across my other blog used to ask me what Myrabev stood for and what it meant? The simple explanation is this, I had/have a special someone who means the world to me so I decided to take the special someone's name and mine and combine it. I used the special someone's surname and my first name to come up with ::Myrabev:: and that is the long and short of it.

::The Myrabev Life:: blog which will manly focus on my relationships, Book Reviews, Health and my Personal confessions as well as occasional lifestyle tips. And there you have it, The Myrabev Life blog is born and I can not wait to share this journey with you all.

For those who still have the old url's for my social networks please update your bookmarks with the below.

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