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::The Myrabev Life::: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

27 Things Before 27 ~ Ideas Request!!

***This post first appeared on A July Dreamer***
One Day At A Time
Wow ok I know it's early and my bday is not for another 5 months but this getting older thingy is getting to me more now than I cared to admit. Let me tell you what my 15 year old self thought things would turn out and am sure most of you know this from my 2nd blog, so this WAS the plan
  • Finish school at 18, go to nursing or business school
  • After graduating, would get job, get married in no particular old
  • By 23 would be expecting/having first child
  • By 27 would be closing shop (having last kid before 30)
  • After 30 it's more family/career focused.
That was the plan, reality is so different and this is how it stands
  • Finished school at 20 (moved countries so retook 2 finally years)
  • Graduated from uni at 26, got job but no marriage or kids
  • At 23 was breaking it down in some club and enjoying first year of uni
  • At 27 no clue where or what I am meant to be doing
So here I am trying to come up with plan B, I am so bad at this I never thought I would be so far off my then 5-10 year future plan. So here I am now trying to think of 27 things to do/accomplish before I turn 27. Any suggestions are welcome and encouraged, until next time.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 14: Relationship Advice ~ Trust

It's easier said than done but a relationship without trust is no relationship at all. I have learned first hand in past relationships that without trust you have nothing, your love will not last without trust because trust is the foundation and without a solid foundation your building will fall. You may ask why will it fall? Let's take this scenario:

"You find out that your partner had been cheating on you doesn't matter how long for but it has happened, most of us will often enough go for the self blame. What did I do or not do to make my partner cheat on me? I do not advocate cheating and I don't care your reasoning cheating is cheating plain and simple. Just because your partner don't give you what you want or need don't mean you get a free pass at cheating NO you DONT if your not happy and after talking about it nothing happens it's time to go so that once you free you can do what ever when ever. Now back to our scenario, after you forgive your partner and start feeling or know for a fact that you will never trust them again that's the time when the end or shall I say agony starts because:

1. Anytime they go out you start to imagine the worst
2. Anytime they talking to a friend on the phone you think something else
3. Every time they are late coming home or meeting up at agreed time you think something else

This is not and shall never be healthy, some of you might be saying I wouldn't even waste time thinking those things about my cheating partner but what you forgetting is you not thinking about them is also the end.

I will not claim to be an expert or even tell you how you should deal with it but I will share with you how I dealt with it in past relationships. Ladies that song by P!NK ~ blow me one last kiss! that speaks volume and I did it before pink sung it also Ceelo Green's cry baby ha!.I did the

1. I cried and died a little inside
2. I let go, I really had enough
3. I started to live my life, it's too short wasting on sh*t heads
4. I brought myself back into the dating world, I looked after and still do look after my happiness myself
5. I respect me first

So to end this unwarranted relationship advice post I wanted to say to you my readers, your priority should be number 1 = YOU, you are in charge of your own happiness. Until next time my lovelies, where ever you are happy day/night and blessings to God.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Friends and ... Burgers @BONDs

Wordless Tuesday...more or less
Yesterday I met up with my good friend/former housemate in london's Oxford street, we decided to catch up over hot chocalate and a classic burger from the london pub Bonds. It is always great when you get a chance to catch up with friends who for one reason or the other cant see every time. We ended the good old catch  up with a quick trip to Forever21 to quench the shopping thirst.

Bonds has great menu

Classic Burger with chips and sweet sauce

chibata something...lol

Its unfortunate that I dont drink anymore

My white wine replacement

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Week 11: Exercise with Pinterest

I am not going mad my fellow bloggers/readers, I will not claim to be an expert on Pinterest but the more exercise pins I see on there the more am convinced you don't necessary need the gym to exercise you can do it in the comfort of your own home in my case that's my room straight from my bed to the floor and all manner of push/press-ups are done. If you guys have some some exercise pins please do share them here with us or jot us the link and I will check them out.

**The pictures below were taken from Pinterest** please visit my Pinterest page for more information.