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Saturday, November 29, 2014

{WIAT} A look into my food day

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Hi there and welcome to the 2nd post in the What I Ate Today series, y'all know I am not exactly sharing what I ate today because I am choosing my different 'Today's' to cover the meals I want to share with everyone. My day (food wise) starts with either porridge or cereal which for me is GRANOLA (love this stuff). It usually depends on what time I wake up too because with my insomnia I could sleep at 9pm and be up at 4am which is so not cool when I could have slept three more hours before I need to get busy anywho, if I am up at 4am I will have porridge then when I get to work around 8am I will have some granola to help sustain me through the morning. My lunches usually depend of what I have cooked for the week or what I made that morning, sometimes I am happy to have a light meal like mackerel salad or I will have something heavy like lasagna with a salad on the side plus dessert which is usually yoghurts but when at work I am not a dessert fan any time outside I totally am. When I get back home I usually check my freezer to check if I need to cook new meals or could just defrost the ones I cooked earlier in the week or over the weekend but there times when I just feel like a salad and mackerel usually comes to the rescue or if I don't feel like eating I will bake a small cake for the week and have a piece (I told you I was a dessert fan outside work). And ladies and gents that's a typical day for me these days and I love. The idea of meal planning is so amazing that when I get back home and I am too tired to cook I will just defrost a meal I made already or snap up a quick salad and sometimes just soup with a bread roll is all one needs.

I know we have all different schedules and/or meal plans but what does your typical day look like?


Friday, November 28, 2014

{Book Review} Claiming Carlos

This book from the get go had me hooked, I read it in one sitting and could not put it down so much that I was very saddened when it end but at least I enjoyed the ending as much as I did the beginning.


Claiming Carlos is a wonderfully written book, a romantic book at that as always a prerequisite for me loving the book. The love tension between Choco and Carlos was quite evident early on in the book but obviously not so obvious to the lead characters (well Choco at least), when third party is introduced brought so much change that I actually hated the 'Johnny' character and honestly didn't even when the book ended. I loved that each character had a role to play in the lives Choco and Carlos and how everything fit together, the situations felt real and related (not all but some). The family bond and unity is emphasised and the need for better life and hard work was the theme that resonated with me through this book. I will say it is one hot smoking book that you wont want to put down and I so dare you to put it down. Check this book out for yourselves, its amazing but not too in your face. Great use of the English language, I can not speak for the Filipino part but I enjoyed learning all these new food words that rolled off your tongue delicately.

Product Description
"Fun & hilarious foodie romance -- too hot in the kitchen." 
Choco Sanchez is stuck in a rut. She’s never hit a softball and has been friends forever with Carlos Lopez, the head cook at her family’s Filipino restaurant. When flashy restaurant consultant Johnny Dee hits her with a pitch, she falls head over heels and gets a makeover. 
Carlos Lopez is not about to lose one for the home team. Johnny launches a full scale change on the menu, and Carlos sends him straight into the dumpster. Claiming Choco’s heart proves more difficult, especially when her secrets threaten to doom their love. But never underestimate a man who can cook hot, spicy, and steamy, and we ain’t talking just food.
" I triple dog dare you to read this story and not be affected by it in an intense, emotional, and palpable way." - Amber McCallister 

About the Author
Rachelle Ayala is the author of dramatic romantic suspense and humor-laden contemporary romance. Her heroines are feisty, her heroes hot. Needless to say, she's very happy with her job.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

{Book Review} A Father for Christmas

This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase the item using this link I get a percentage.

Christmas is around the corner and there is nothing I like more than a Christmas miracle, you know like the movie 'Christmas on 13st street". This book by Rachelle is again an amazing work, well written, good use of grammar and can relate to the characters. Though just a well written story it also captures quite well what seems to be happening to most war veterans and also what us women via life experiences have made us choose certain routes than the 'norm'. I love Rachelle's imagination and her illustrations, she takes you on a journey that once the book has ended though happy you want it to continue (I am always begging for part-two).

Tyler - War veteran now homeless man, gave up scholarship to join big league football (american football) for enlisting and fighting for his country. Now back from the war and honourably discharged ( he also gave up his severance pay to charity) "his called war hero to big zero". Kelly - single woman who choose to have a child via sperm donation. Found herself in an unfortunate situation which lead her to prison stint and now struggling single mum with help from her mother and sister. These two unlikely people meet when Kelly's daughter gets lost whilst out visiting santa at the mall, she is found wondering by Tyler but before could be returned Tyler is spotted with the little girl and because of his 'homeless' look kelly concludes he was going to kidnap the child. This is obviously foiled and as you continue to read the book you start to see how the barriers are broken down and I love how Rachelle the author illustrates the struggles that Tyler suffers (he has PTSD) and I am sure not most of us would want someone who at any given time can snap back into war zone mode around our kids but during this story you get to understand and learn how we should really bear and treat our veterans. I loved this romance book and enjoyed every bit of it, you must check it out in time for christmas.

Product Description
Single mother Kelly Kennedy can't afford lavish gifts for her four-year-old daughter, Bree. Homeless veteran Tyler Manning doesn't believe he deserves a Merry Christmas.
When Bree asks Santa for a father and picks Tyler, both Tyler and Kelly vow to keep Bree from being hurt while fighting their feelings for each other.
Tyler struggles with frightening flashbacks that scare Kelly. Meanwhile, Kelly's criminal past threatens her chance for happiness. Tyler and Kelly must believe in the power of love to give Bree her best Christmas ever.
About the Author
Rachelle Ayala is the author of dramatic romantic suspense and humor-laden contemporary romance. Her heroines are feisty, her heroes hot. Needless to say, she's very happy with her job.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

{Book Review} The Dinosaur that pooped series plus Giveaways

Hi there and welcome to another book review, I have been enjoying reviewing children's books for a while now. Check out the last Four Children's books have reviewed to get an idea of some gift ideas for your littles or those with little ones.

Today's children's book review is based on three books written by McFly's Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter who are now members of McBusted, combination of my favourite boy bands. You can follow on the Dinosaur that pooped adventure on Twitter and Facebook. And can purchase these books below;

Readers of this blog also have a chance to win these three books by entering the rafflecopter below.

I was sent the three books for free to facilitate this review, no other forms of compensation were given regardless I only recommend products I myself or my family members would use.

First things first, I love the book covers they hold so much promise just looking at them. When I opened to read 'The dinosaur that pooped the past" I was happy to find little reviews/praises from kids who have read this book already this was very encouraging, flipping through the pages of these books you fall in love with the use of grammar and the colours and the pictures, it opens up a child's mind and fills them with excitement. The dinosaur that pooped the past had me in stitches its so funny and they illustrations are quite brilliant, you must check it out. Loved how fun the authors made travelling back in time fun for the kids and threw in a bit of history.
The Dinosaur the pooped christmas was also too funny, the illustrations were great as well as the teachings of christmas. Its not all about presents its about spending time with our loved ones. Though not the usual route of explaining christmas to children I think this is by far the coolest and funniest. Danny the kid turned from being a greediest kid of all to being the nicest for next christmas.
The Dinosaur that pooped a planet was another fun adventure that Danny the boy and his pet the dinosaur went on, it has an important lesson which is fun is never fun when you forget to eat. The book like the other two was funny, loved the illustrations the use of colour and the fun words used in all the three books.

I enjoyed reading these three children's books so much that I have sent them to my brother for my nephew. He loves reading books and I know he will enjoy these books and his little smile will be present throughout the reading. The lovely people at Random house via Big shot also included in my package an activity print-out of fun games you can do with little ones like world puzzle, instructions on how to make a volcano, a dinosaur and a dinosaur print-out for colouring plus facts sheet.

Now for the part you've been waiting for - GIVEAWAYS (please note the dinosaur book giveaway and the Fabyouless card giveaway are open to UK residents only).

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 52: Personal Confessions ~ What your heart fails to reveal the pain will

Firstly I will start this post with a confession - I am obsessed with Korean Drama/movies, it may have something to do with their so adorable language or the storylines that you can relate to (though at times I feel like breaking my ipad when you can clearly see that the girl is silly for falling for the annoying mug when the fun and dependable guy is right there ha telly for you). It was during one of my favourite drama that I learnt something that has since stayed with me, the drama is called 'Master's Sun' its adorable and scary!! sneak peak watch episode 4 the beginning when she wakes up in bed with the CEO and she tells him that waking up at strange places is common occurrence for her that one time she woke up at the cemetery - now they show a clip of people at the cemetery paying their respectives when she wakes up behind the grave with frightening hair and yawns loudly what cracked me up his how fast the people run - I am actually laughing right now thinking about it.

Anyway I deviate..

So as I was saying during this drama I learnt this important lesson, 'what your heart fails to reveal the pain will'. Things have not been going great for me this year emotionally and personally and I could not figure out what my heart is saying or how I should move forward and this message resonated with me so much.

'What the heart fails to reveal, the pain will'

Sometimes in life we go through so many things and most times we do not know how to deal with the situation or how to move forward, I know how hard it is to see clearly sometimes. I always say its easier for someone outside to see inside clearly but those inside do not always have that advantage point. I had a friend who was going through a rough time and I could see clearly what was wrong and as much as I wanted to point out the wrong parts I realised its not always an easy pill to swallow when someone tells you what you probably don't want to hear or worse you get accused of trying to cause trouble. I think all we can do is be there for those people, do not be quick to point out the obvious sometimes its best to play it by ear. I have had 'friends' who when I noticed something and me thinking I am being a good friend voiced the concerns and got accused of trying to cause trouble though later down the road the 'friend' realised I was only looking out for her but was too sorry too late even though I am not one to hold a grudge. 

Life is not always black and white, there are too many gray areas and we need to decide what is worth the risk. There are people who come into our lives for the season (life is like a season) and move on, we need to be grateful for those people because they help shape us. Those who are meant to stay for a lifetime they will come at the right time.

Now that we have that off the chest, do not forget I have two giveaways ongoing and you have twice the chance to win by enter the widgets below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, November 24, 2014

{24 Days} Day 24 ~ Happy 1 year Blogavesary

Today is the day, my blog The Myrabev Life is 1 year old. I can not believe how fast time flies when you having fun. Apart from the giveaway I started at the beginning of this month I am not doing anything instead I want to take a step back and just appreciate all the work that has gone into The Myrabev Life and A July Dreamer. It has not been easy it's been tiring and at times time consuming but I have now learnt when to take a break and not burn out and that's what I will be doing in this week. It's a week of thanks so I will be doing my thanks in the background and hopefully come back more refreshed next week. I have two book reviews scheduled for this week on TML but other than that is relaxing time and stepping away from the net.
owner unknown

a Rafflecopter giveaway I wish you a wonderful week and a blessed thanksgiving to those celebrating and for those not enjoy the black Friday.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

{24 Days} Day #18 ~ Dont go with the crowd

Fashion sense

Relationship advice


Products I love

When I started blogging I had no idea what direction I wanted to take, I thought maybe I should do fashion because people compliment my dress sense which if I am honest and seeing the many posts on the blogsphere I am not that great but its unique to me. I thought maybe I could do makeup and beauty products, well the make-up part failed miserable because though I do wear it now and again I am not really that into it but I do love beauty products and am sure you have seen my many posts on my main blog A July Dreamer. I was very confused when I started, I wanted my little piece of heaven to fit in somewhere. I have never been like that before in real life so I do not know why I wanted to be this on the blogsphere. Almost all the bloggy advice I read always talked about 'finding your blog niche' define it by plonking it in a category, some bloggers have even gone as far as said 'Lifestyle blog' is not really a category its for the undecided. I struggled with this for a while because I did not want to limit my blog to just say 'make-up' or 'out-fit' posts and there is nothing wrong with that I believe each to their own. When I chose to create my blogs I wanted to share me and the 4 corners of my world not just my love of nail polish or my addiction to jewellery or lipstick. I wanted to share my love of 'food', 'books' and share some motivational posts and personal confessions that might help someone somewhere, my advice to new and oddie bloggers is 'don't go with the crowd, follow your own path'. If you want a fashion blog only, do that if you want mummy blog only do that do not follow the crowd follow yourself. I love my blogs because both are LIFESTYLE and PERSONAL and I intend to keep them like that. I want to share all my loves, pevs and wants, I know it wont always be everyone's cup of tea but that's ok 'each to their own'.

Did you ever feel pressured to fit into a certain 'NICHE' or did you know already what you wanted to share or have it just developed along the way?

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Monday, November 17, 2014

{Book Review} Terry tree top saves the Dolphins

Hi there and welcome to another review of Tali's children's books, I love reading Tali's books and even more so reading about the different adventures Terry Treetop gets up to - see the latest reviews The lost egg and Where is my home?. The illustrations are always on point and so is the grammar and use of the english language, her books are entertaining, fun and yet educational and teaching kids about different animals and their habitats. Today Terry Treetop (because he likes to climb trees) has gone on another adventure and this time he wants to play with dolphins.

Product description:
In this book Terry Treetop went camping with his parents to a marine nature reserve. He saw a cheerful group of dolphins and wanted to play with the little dolphin, but something went wrong and the little dolphin was in danger. Will Terry be able to save the little dolphin?


As mentioned this book has good grammar, author has made it easy to understand and fun but what captivated me the most was how the author via story telling teachers the children about what to do if you were at a pool and noticed 'someone' or 'something' needed help, I like that the author talked about the lifeguard and explained his role. As always Terry treetop enjoyed another adventure. The book is less than 5 minutes to read, very colour and fun. I recommend this book to parents who looking to try new ways of teaching their children/child.


Tali Carmi spent her childhood in a small town in the desert. She memorized and knew by heart many books that her parents read to her when she was very little. She played with words and rhymes and wrote her first book of songs at the age of 10. After many years of turning to other hobbies and maintaining a successful career, she now writes again to young children.
Tali is the CEO and founder of a software company, and a business coach, focused on the fast growth and success of small businesses. She holds Bsc in food science and Msc. in Biotechnology, and graduate of Team Management and Leadership Program. Tali Carmi is happily married and mom of 3 children.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

{24 Days} Day #16 Join a Hop & improve blog visibility

Hi there and welcome, we getting closer and closer to my 1 year anniversary celebrations for The Myrabev Life, most of you know I celebrated my 1 year anniversary for A July Dreamer in July so I am pretty excited to be able to celebrate for The Myrabev Life. As bloggers we all start out very innocent and mostly we just start our blogs as a place to share our inner thoughts, the other side of the moon etc and rarely do most start to be recognised. I for one started my blogs as extensions to my personality and wanted to share the love I have for certain people, things etc. But at some point in time we want our blog to be visible because of all a sudden we want to be in a same league as our fellow bloggers who have become friends and I think the best way to go about it is via a blog hop. There are countless blog hops in the blogosphere and the only thing stopping us from finding them and joining them is us. This week I am fortunate enough to be co-hosting this hop (The Chain Linky Climb) and I wanted everyone to come and join this amazing hop. I have been linking up for as long as I can remember so its nice to be able to co-host it.

God’s Growing Garden
 photo 2toclimb_zps515fa21c.jpg
It's the month long Networking Blog Hop 
With our 13th CLIMB GIVEAWAY!
Networking means helping each other grow!! 
If you want to promote a CLIMB link, then use #ChainLinkyCLIMB on Twitter or Google+ so that we can all help each other grow!
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Please enter below -one person will win:
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 photo CoffeeCozyphotoWEQS6WVS_zps729d5009.jpg
Coffee Cozy by Kaitlyn from "Three Sisters & Us"
 photo CindyNovember_zps0d5d2756.jpg

Persimmon Splotch - Raw Unakite/Granite Gemstone, Lake Michigan Heart Shape Stone, 22 Carat Gold Grommets on Brass Bead Ball Chain Necklace
What a thrill it was to find this colorful and heart shaped persimmon splotched raw Unakite/granite combination gemstone in Lake Michigan!
I have 5 mm drilled a hole to fit two 22 Carat gold grommets which house two NuGold tarnish resistant large brass jumprings, and strung it onto a brass ball bead chain. The chain undone measures 25 inches, and as worn including stone will hang 14 inches. As seen in the last picture, the stone has a nice flat back which will rest nicely as worn.
 photo ButterfliesInTheAttic2_zps22e976e7.jpg photo ColleenGiveaway_zpsaead54b8.jpg
Gift Certificate to "PostcardsInTheAttic": "Travel back in time with Postcards In The Attic to a time when your purchases included fanciful detail and wholesome charm. Enjoy our beautiful vintage, antique and handmade postcards."

All 3 of these ebooks by Angie Ouellette-Tower

Total prize value is $134!!

CLIMB Giveaway Rules & Conditions:
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Now onto the CLIMB (blog hop):
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CLIMB by Angie Ouellette-Tower for godsgrowinggarden.com photo ClimbRules_zps77e9b7a4.jpg
By participating in this blog hop your understand that your link might be promoted on social media.  Also, by participating in this blog hop your email address will be added to our CLIMB list & you will be sent an email reminder next month. 

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 photo ClimbSig_zpsdeb81227.jpg

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

{Book Review} Abigail and the Sahara adventure

This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase via these links I will earn a small commision. 

When I was growing up my mum gave me a huge suitcase full of books she used to read way (waaay before my time) these books where not necessary kids books but I did enjoy them. Some of the books were geography books and I know some people won't appreciate this but I loved reading geography books to just learn about the world, different countries and cultures this was all fascinating to me. I knew about my land (Zambia) the towns, the national parks (safari's), the lakes and all that I needed to know, I was also quite family with the sahara desert actually on the deserts in Africa. When I was given the opportunity to review this children's book I was very happy, I have thought about ways I want to teach my nephew about my fascinations (which include the Sahara) and I think this is a very good book to introduce him to it.

   Product description
This is a wonderful book about a girl named Abigail. Abigail found a magical bicycle in her grandparents' old house, and this bicycle takes her to the magnificent Sahara Desert.
Who will she meet there? What will she discover? This beginner reader’s eBook will inspire your kids to be open to new cultures, and be more curious and enthusiastic about exploring various places. Your kids will enjoy full-color illustrations of Abigail and the desert life.

Your kids will be inspired to be:
1. Open to new people & cultures
2. More curious
3. Enthusiastic about exploring new things

Abigail and the Sahara Adventure is a sweet children's book written especially for you and your ages 2- 8 children. 
With simple text and 13 colorful illustrations. The story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers.

This book is well written, good use of grammar and makes it easy for a child to understand. I love the picture illustrations so the child can visualise what is being read. The book opens up a child's imagination, its educating as well as fun to read at the same time. You can ready this to your kiddies, it takes less than 5 minutes to read and of the books of Abigail's adventures have read the author has connected them quite nicely, so you can read the entire series or one adventure every night. You can purchase the book for £0.77 (very cheap).      What are some of your childhood memories about book reading? Where you fascinated with books? Do your kiddies/nieces/nephews/g-kiddies enjoy reading books?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

{Day 24} Day #13 Travels thus far

Hi there and welcome to you, if you knew here I hope you here to stay and occasional visits are welcome. As I mentioned in my 11 months ago post this year has been one long and hard year but it has also been a blessing in disguise and I have learnt so much about myself. One thing I did manage to do was quite a bit of travelling and not all extravagant but travelling nonetheless, I went abroad twice and within the UK twice so not bad compared to my once (actually twice but one don't count) within the UK last year and none abroad. This year was the year I wanted to prove to myself that I can do certain things and I do not need to depend on anyone to get it done (family excluded because no matter what I want to depend on them as much as they should depend on me). So what did I get upto this year apart from moving apartments 3 times this year?

January - March: minor trips in and around Oxford, Peterborough, Cambridge, Norwich and Bedford.

Easter - I travelled back to my parents in cambridge (I do this almost every weekend) but this was extra special. We did so much together as a family and we even saw my brother and his family.

Summer (June) - My parents and I with my sister we went to Munich for a church convention which we also turned into a family vacation and stayed a couple days extra. This was fun, as I mentioned in my 11 months ago post we had not had a family vacation together (though bro was missing) in over 15 years but saying that we did manage to go to Stirling in Scotland (again bro missing).
Travels thus far
Mummy, little sister, Daddy and I

Travels thus far
My parents and I

August - A couple of friends and I managed to head up to Sheffield where we stayed and managed to party in Leeds two nights straight. Drinking was no joke and my liver suffered but its recuperated now.
Travels thus far
Me in yellow with besties

Early September - Again with the same group of friends (2 excluded) we managed to book an apartment in London and stayed for 2 nights and 3 days and we partied for 2 nights straight and I realised I am getting too old for this.

Late September - I travelled to Zambia on my own lonesome and had the best time ever, already planning to head back February 2015 (as well as May 2015) so excited. Seeing family and friends after so long was epic, making new friends was even better.
travels thus far
Me on right side

October - Moved to new apartment and the only travels have done have been to and from Oxford (well I now have accommodations in Oxford).

November - Apart from my trips to London I have not really done much significant travellings this month but I have more planned next month and I am so excited. The best thing that happened this month was celebrating my nephew's 2 year old birthday.
Travels thus far

Travels thus far
3 Generations: Brov, Nephew and Daddy

Travel wise - what have you been up to this year?

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