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Friday, May 22, 2015

Personal Confessions ~ Finding the good in goodbye

The first time I heard Beyonce sing 'Thank God I found the good in goodbye' I didn't really get it until I sat down and thought about it and what that meant to me. There are so many things in this life that we always wanted to hold onto and some of it is not even good for us but we are so scared of saying goodbye we decide it's better to have or keep that than to say goodbye. Why? Because it is what we know, it is comfortable and at least for the time being we know what it is and mostly it's future we have an idea. It's like the good old saying "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't".

I am a hoarder by nature, I really do not like throwing away my things but I am also not the obsessive kind. There things I am just like ok that can go but there are somethings that no matter what I want to keep it. I think I have two old pair of jeans that are size 8 that my mind keeps telling me I will one day go back to size 8 so I will need them (I wish). I have letters from my first ever boyfriend, I have little presents from all my past relationships that I keep in a box and find it hard to even consider throwing but never even look at. 

There are so many things I do not want to let go of, I want to keep it all but I have now learn't the good in goodbye. I never thought I would, be it in my personal life or my life in general and I am quite proud of myself. I feel like I have arrived at a certain point in my life where tagging on anything that is not contributing to my happiness, my well being and my plans for the future is not something I want to keep a hold of. I have looked at what I always wanted, what sometimes I feel like I am missing and things which in the over scheme of things are nothing.

My new hairdresser recently told me, do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is not your concern today is. Do not live for tomorrow for tomorrow has it's own plan, today is an opportunity to do something new, to change something and to challenge something. It is not a day to sit and wonder what tomorrow looks like for tomorrow may not have a plan for you.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and remember do it all today for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

*** source unknown

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

{SPONSORED} Anjolee ~ The Art of Jewellry


My brother's Wedding is this weekend, I am very excited as this is our first wedding in the family so it is a very big deal. My brother's wedding has me thinking about my own wedding some time in the future and what kind of Jewellry I want to wear.

Speaking to my soon to be sister in law, she mentioned my brother will have a plain off-gold colour ring (same as my dad) and she will have have one which will match her engagement ring and has stones in it.
I have always known what kind of engagement and wedding bands that I want for when it is my time, I remember one time saying I wanted one made from Plutonium when I actually meant platinum (LOL). The idea of such a beautiful wedding band has always been my dream ring until I was contacted by Anjolee a Diamond jewellery company based out of the states.


When checking out their Website I was actually taken aback, seeing diamond rings, pendants, bracelets flashing about the page made my heart skip a beat after all Diamonds are a girls best friend. I definitely want to at least purchase a bracelet from them and I will add it to my next spending budget.

The website is designed really beautifully, professionally and very nice. I do love the look, style and feel of the website and I personally think it is easy to navigate and has great colours. Anjolee offers, Wedding & Anniversary bands (including engagement rings), necklaces & pendants, bracelets as well as earrings. Looking at the engagement rings I fell in love with 90% of them but more especially the Princess bride ring (above picture). With Bracelets it took me forever to decide which ones I liked best and I settled happily on vintage bracelets and one that caught my eye was the Vintage Style Leaf Diamond Bracelet.

Buying from Anjolee you get 30-day return policy, a wooden jewellry holder box, free shipping and  certificate of authenticity. The people at Anjolee make it easier to ask them questions, they have live chat, an e-mail and a contact number.
If you're unsure about anything you can always ask them or check out their FAQ page. They provide secure shipping for all their products and making payments online the company has taken extra measures to ensure your details are protected at all times.

I think this is a great company which is offering so much and the prices within their league I think are fair.
With such a great service and products no one should deny themselves some diamonds.

If Engaged or married what's your favourite type of ring? If not either what is your dream ring?

**/***All images where taken from website with permission.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

{Link Party} Everyday is an opportunity ~ The Climb

Happy Monday y'all, I hope you having a great start to the day and had an awesome weekend because I know I did but busy too. I will be sharing more on my main blog A July Dreamer during the week. Today I am co-hosting this awesome linky and you have an opportunity to enter an even more amazing giveaway as well as share with us your favourite posts.
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Top 5 Friday


Happy Friday everyone, don't you just love overnight oats? I made this last night for my breakfast this morning and it was super yummy. Sorry again, this blog is suffering a lot these day but I am happy to blog when I can since life has become so hectic. I guess this is what they meant when they told me everyone has responsibilities ecetera ecetera.

For this week's Top 5 Friday I will be sharing what has happened and what will be happening, so without further adieu.

Hen Do - Tomorrow we are heading to Village St David's Resort near Chester for the weekend where we have booked the spa for the day. I can not wait to be there, I have never been to a spa before nor have I ever been to a Hen Do either this will be my first for both occasions.

House Move - Next week Wednesday I will be moving into my new apartment, I am so excited but I have no furniture nor food so Wednesday night will be an interesting one. 

Wedding and Bank Holiday - The company I work for have given us next week Friday off so we get a long weekend since the following Monday is a bank holiday. To make matters even better the long bank holiday weekend is my Brother's Wedding so everything awesome is happening then.

Trip to Korea - I returned from my trip to Korea last week and I loved you so much. You can read my Day 0 and Day 1 from my main blog A July Dreamer. I am planning to go back this July as I need to explore more of this wonderful country. It was never my number one choice for Touring but now that I have been I can not wait to go back.

Blogger support Facebook Group - The blogger support group I run Lovely Bloggers is inviting all bloggers to come join us. We run weekly follow links and daily comment threads. All bloggers are welcome, the more the merrier.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Personal Confessions ~ Actions speak louder than words

When are are born and start to grow we live by the words of our guardians, our guardian's word is mightier than king Arthur's sword. As a child we have short attention span so when we asked our guardian for something and they said they would do it then they do not we were hurt and confused but then before the day ends we had forgotten or moved on to the next thing. This is the life of a kid and I honestly want to say I miss this time, not caring much about the hurt and the pain but moving on because that's life, sh*t happens, we learn, we feel pain and we grow (hopefully).

Living as an adult things take a different turn, now when someone says they will do something and they don't well  we already know that life sucks and you move on but when whether said or not and they do something unexpected it's like Christmas every day. As we grow older we develop ways to deal with disappointment better than when we were kids. We start to form barriers when people hurt us or take us for granted, and I think this is the part where as my friends says 'things go tits up'.

I will be honest and say in the last 10 years of my life I have held more grudges than I can to remember. Though I held grudges I also forgot about then until someone reminded me of them and then I am back to holding grudges. It is tiring, it is time consuming and it takes so much of my head space that it can make you spin. I am tired of it and I have made a decision to change this.

Though I have made a decision I know its not like a switch that I can switch on/off but it is something that will take time for me to learn and to heal.

I love my life and everything in it, I appreciate the hurt I have experienced in my life as I have first hand knowledge of what it is that can destroy me.

I realised life is too short to hold grudges and even shorter to hold onto unhappiness. I always say happiness is a choice and one that I choose for me and that has not changed.