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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 26: Personal Confessions ~ Debt is NO small matter

Hi there! Welcome to my personal confessions week 26. This week I wanted to share with you about debt, 3/4 of the country is in debt I for one I am in debt. Debt which if I was smarter 8 years  ago I would not be in this mess and/or slowly crawling out. 

I know this issue is one which is very sensitive for most people but I was encouraged by reading a fellow bloggers attitude towards finances and marriage. So how did I find me in this hole called debt? and How am I slowly but surely coming out of it? Well sit back, relax and have your pen and paper at the ready.

1. How did I find me in debt?

Got caught in the enticing world of credit cards and the beauty of spending and not paying anything back for up to 3-6 months and free interest in that period. Obviously I was not smart because the last statement should really have had alarms ringing but it didn't I mean they say "don't pay anything in 3-6 months" and during that period it's "interest-free", come on Mrs this should have screamed bloody murder but it didn't. I was so caught up in the after glow of not paying anything there and then and returning sometime in the future.

**illusion is thinking in couple of months you will have  money that you don't have now**

To make matters I was spending more than I was earning and every time I paid it off I still went back and used it up all over again, this is a vicious cycle which can drown you before your very own eyes. 

When I left home and moved to university I literally lived on my credit cards and all the money I earned from my two jobs went to rent, bills and food sometimes the bills I couldn't even manage I was lucky my boo helped me out a lot. That didn't change the situation I had put myself in because I came to a stage were you pay off card so you don't get charged the hefty charges then use the money now on card to pay for everything from rent to food. 

2. How am I slowly getting out?

One day I sat down with my mum and had one of them long African talks that you parents give you which come out as advice but are actually WARNINGS advice, lol. After that chat, I went and wrote down every company and person I owned money (boo excluded) and wrote down how much I earn and how much I can afford to pay each after all the essential bills like rent, transport, house bills etc are taken out. 

After that I contacted each company and told them how much I could have to pay back monthly they were understanding because it was either that or nothing. I then calculated how much I owned to people I know then started paying back slowly but surely. It's been 6 months and I am half way through paying back people (almost done) and companies, it feels good to actually go to work pay bills and have money left over for me to spend on my family and myself. One major thing that I did is changed banks, removed OD facility and canceled all credit cards and/or store cards. 

So now if I don't have it I don't spend it that's my new rule no more pay later high purchase kinda situation because I am done. I am enjoying our money after everything needed is out, I can go shop and save towards our goals without feeling guilty and stained with sleepless nights. 

So that's my story and how I am dealing with debt. How do you deal with your debt and how did it come to be?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TunesDay ~ Let me get this right

Hi there! Welcome to my Tunesday series, in this series I aim to share with you some songs that I am currently into or reminiscing on. I usually listen to songs that reflect my mood or my then current situation. I hope you  join in and share with me your "current" song love every Tuesday.

1. As I write this I am listening to "Let me get this right ~ By NE-YO". I just love every single word in this song and I want to hear from soon hint hint lol. I love 90% of NE-YO's songs so this is nobrainer but this is extra special.

2. Last week at work I decided to listen to "Truth about love" album by P!NK and this song came up at the shuffle "Beam me up ~ By P!NK" - this song brought me to tears, it dipictated exactly my mood that day and now I listen to it every day till I tire of it.

3. Good Old Days - this song has me missing some good old days I had with a special someone. I love this song also by P!NK, the words especially if you can relate makes a song that extra special.

Which one of my three songs is your favourite? Do you have a song at the moment that you can't get out of your mind?


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Saturday, May 24, 2014

{Off-Saturday} Giveaways ~ HelloFresh & JU5P

Hello there! welcome to another off-Saturday post, these types of posts are ones I do on a whim so what do we have today. Well to day I have two giveaways that I would like to share with you, most of you are already aware of the JU5P #giveaway over on AJD (my main blog) and #HelloFresh is exclusively on this blog.

About the Giveaways

1. HelloFresh - I got this £25 giftcard from my #lovemebeauty box but I do not really have a need for it. I have seen HelloFresh website and I do love the idea they have but where I am at the moment I can not really do much with there service, so I have decided to give this giftcard to one of you my lovely readers. The only catch with this giveaway is that its for UK RESIDENTS only, I do not know much about HelloFresh so I am not sure if they are outside the UK too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 2. JU5P - I was followed on twitter by this company and I just sorta well checked out there jewellery and I was instantly in love with the pieces. I ordered 1 pair or bow earrings and a pendant necklace and I was so impressed with the items and the quick delivery that I contacted the company to collaborate with me on this giveaway and they were more than happy to do it. This #giveaway is open WORLD-WIDE though the company only send to the UK, I will foot the delivery charge bill so you my overseas readers can have a chance to win £15 to spend in this online jewellery store.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for always reading my blog, your thoughts are constructive comment are more than welcome. Good luck with the #competition and let me know in the comments section if you have ever heard of either companies.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 25: Liebster Award

Hi there! about a month ago now I was nominated for a Liebster award by my blogger friend Louise who blogs over at LAM you should check her blog out. If I understand correctly the deets of this award are as follows:

  • Nominate blogger with less than 300 followers
  • Nominate between 3-10 bloggers
  • Have to answer 10 questions
  • Nominee puts forward 5 questions and nominator the remainder 5.
So here goes,
  1. How/Why did you start blogging? I started blog last year July after my birthday, I had just finished university and immediately got a graduate job. I immediately moved to a town closer to the job leaving all family and friends behind. My fellow bless him tried his best to make sure I was happy where I was. So he took me to Brighton beach for my birthday weekend and when we got back I felt so lonely and started writing a few things on paper. Spoke to my sister same day and she suggested I start a blog and that's how I started blogging. The why part was more to vent and also pass time a way to cure the boredom.
  2. What's your favourite outfit? This is a tough one because at present I don't really have a favourite outfit but I did have a maxi dress which I gave away to my cousin 2 years ago and that was my favourite "outfit" all by it self.
  3. What's your favourite quote and who is it by? I don't know who wrote it but a friend taught it to me and it's stayed with me all my adult life "a frog never realises the importance of the river until it's dried up", I thought that this quote is timeless it really is. For me it speaks about taking things for granted and only appreciate it once you lose it.
  4. Who was the last person you texted? My dad asking him to double check our hotel booking for Munich next month so excited.
  5. What's your thing at the moment? Y'all I love jewellery but I am in love with it even more so now than before. I love my Wantable accessories box and the jewellery I received.
  6. What's you favourite thing about blogging? Making friends and reading from like minded people, I love sharing my life and my experiences and so far only bloggers seem to understand that need.
  7. Who inspires you? My mother, my mummy is the most hard working, strong and talented woman I know. She cooks, knits, bakes, reads, she's artistically blessed and she loves to smile and laugh and I am so honoured she is my mummy. I only hope one day I can be half as good a person, a woman and a mother that she is.
  8. What's your style? Me a style I really don't think I have one, I guess I am more what makes me feel good and what's comfy is my style.
  9. Whats your current favourite product? Well there too many to mention but Betty's wonder moisturising oil is my favourite product right now. I only got a sample size in my love me beauty box bug it's been a week plus and I still have enough to last the rest of this month and I can see the change in my skin (only applying on chest and boob area). 
  10. What motivates you? Knowing that all the I am is because of the good Lord God, I am a self motivated person but putting God first has always served me well both in good and bad times. 
So that's me done, the last 5 questions which I made up myself I am asking to my nominees below. I love blog awards because they are just a fun way to help each other along, as we all know it's not easy place to crack but it's a well worth it one.

My nomination:

Miranda in the middle --> partially biased since she is my name sake but I love her blog and I wanted to show her some love.

The remainder 9 nominees are my readers and fellow bloggers, this is one only one gift I can give to thank all of you for reading my blog.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 25: Personal Confessions - How to deal with Disappointment

Hi there! So after last week's post I got really good feedback and people have been asking me questions and one of them is "How do you deal with disappointment". If you read my post a couple weeks back about "the blogger behind the blog" you will remember that I mentioned I am a very emotional person because for me anything and everything goes straight to my heart and it hurts. I know most people have a filter so that things only reach and stay in their heads but for me my heart receives it before my brain does and it causes all sorts of issues for me BUT that is also my strength. I know you confused now because How can someone who gets hurt easily also have that as a strength?

Since I was a kid if anyone said or did anything to me I cried not necessary whaling but tears will follow. As I started to grow I used to try and blink the tears back so that I do not cry there and then but I don't know about you I love a good cry because then I get over it (disappointment or pain) quickly that way and it leaves my system faster than most people. So much that anytime I think of the hurt have experienced I don't get mad because I cried the MAD out of me, these days especially I just laugh then I look at the situation and best way to go about it. I also have another way of dealing with hurt and disappointment, I write things down. I will tell you a story of one of my first biggest disappointment in life.

I remember when I was 13 and started dating my FIRST crush, I thought @13 that he was THE ONE. I felt so much "love or lust" that I thought without him I would be lost bearing in mind I was way happy before he came along. Then one day the devil tested that supposed love I had for this boy, the crush asked me @13 him 18 to have sex with him. In today's talk that's rape pure and simple because apparently mental capacity of 13 year old is not high enough to understand full consequences of ones actions. Anyway, I was so hurt that he asked me that because my belief system told me NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE (back then). I told him NO and said (will never forget this) go find yourself a girl who wants to have sex with you because I ain't her. And by the grace of the heavens he did do just that, I found out about it obviously like a fool last. Because his sister and I were in same class and people were so interested in my relationship they all knew before me (high school for you). The girl he slept with was older than me and scared of me too, every time she saw me she used to leg it (funny that). So anyway, after the incident I decided that was it but before all could be concluded his friend who had a crush on me asked to see me I went innocently to talk to him. He made me laugh and smile which I hadn't done at that time for a while, whilst chatting my crush arrived and ignored the jesus outta me obviously I was hurt because he wronged me but because I had cried it out and wrote it all I didn't care that much. Later when I was leaving he had the audacity to accuse me of cheating and saying it was my fault for him sleeping with another girl "granted I told him to find someone else to sleep with" but not when we were dating. You should be happy to know my sweet 13 dumped his ass and found better frogs along the way, 4 years later the crush came back begging for my forgiveness. What the crush didn't know was the day I said goodbye to our relationship was the day I forgave him. I didn't have and still don't have time to hate people or not forgive them, I only have room for happiness and smiles all day long nothing else.

So this is how I deal with disappointments, I cry, I write it all down (don't send anywhere bad idea) then I forge ahead with my head held high and take one day at a time because rushing through the pain will just bring you faster than a sinking ship.

Thank you for reading my personal confessions, I hope they are helpful and if you have questions don't forget to email them to me --> myrabev@ajulydreamer.com, now how do you deal with disappointment? 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week 24: Personal Confessions ~ Everything for A Reason

They say everything happens for a reason but sometimes we don't know or understand the true meaning behind everything. Sometimes we start asking questions like; what was I in my previous life for this to be happening to me, below is a conversation I was having with an old friend:

Me: girl who did we kill in our past lives to have such bad things happen in our lives 

Friend: I don't know girl but I think maybe the Chief's eldest son

Me: He must have been the only son girl because  things like these don't just happen

And so on and so forth! You get the gist. 

There so so many situations in our lives that we do not understand and sometimes can not even comprehend. There are usually two routes that people take, route A (self blame) and route B (blame others or the next person). So let me give an example of each route some of us will take. Route A - what did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this? Why am I being punished? Others route B - they did that too me on purpose? They have always had it in for me? I was not treated fairly I was always singled out, is it because of my colour?

Let me give you a personal example:
I started 2014 on such a high personally, spiritually and mentally. By the 6th day of 2014, I was brought down to my knees like a box carried upside down emptying all it's contents onto the floor. I could not understand it, 1 minute got dream job next minute dream job gone. I couldn't even comprehend the situation I just started to pick my self up. The so called friends disappeared with the so called dream job (I know who my real friends are). My world collapsed on it self and all I could do was sit their until the rable finished then I started picking me up. I didn't immediately take on route A or B for me that came last but because of the kind of person I am I didn't dwell on it too much because I had a life and career to rebuild. 

A week after dream job disappeared, I had 5 interviews lined up and in course of two weeks got 4/5 offers. I was chuffed, I could not believe it. I thought I had it good before but I was mistaken what I had before was just right for that situation. What I have now well is more than I dreamed of hence not a dream job but one above that. Friends! What friends, I still got my friends from uni and my family they are friends enough. I would rather have 1 true friend than 10 only in your face friend and forgotten once outa sight. 

So the moral of this personal confession is when you don't understand why certain things are happening pray, eat & sleep I tell you and in that order. 

"Everything works out for those who trust in The Lord"

So many things have rocked me to the core in a space of 4 months but that will never break my spirit. I will get up and work hard for me because no one else will, not even family. 

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TunesDay with Love

YouTube is a pain today so can't insert videos.
1. Soldier in the city
2. The man

Hi All! So I decided to start a tunesday series today where I share some pics reflecting the tunes I am feeling or listening towhilst taking the pics. I hope you can join in, I have been feeling all of Aloe Blacc's album "lift your spirit" the songs just sooo motivating and inspirational. So today's tunesday I will share two songs from his album, let me know your thoughts. Have you ever heard or listened to Aloe Blacc's songs? If so what's your favourite song?


Friday, May 09, 2014

Top 5 Friday!!!!

I can't believe it's already Friday I mean I was so looking forward to it but work got me so busy I lost track. Worse even was the fact that this was a 4-day work week (Monday was May bank holiday in UK) so I was so tired before I even saw Wednesday and I had only been in a day. Anyway into today's post, I saw this type of post on a blog I commented on but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the blog so I can link it through (if you reading this and I mentioned on your post I would so this post please let me know I can always edit the post to add your blog in). So basically the blog where I stole (borrowed) this idea from really just listed the top 5 things she has experienced that week or what she was grateful for. (If memory saves me right if not then that's that).

1. This quote plus others really stop me in my tracks so I can reflect on myself.

2. My April Edtion of love me beauty finally came, I will be uploading a video and a post on this box so stayed tuned here or at ajulydreamer.com

3. Leather -look clothes, I love my new closet addition and blog come soon on my main blog. 

4. Gadgets - Arrived, so happy that my April Shopping finally turned up. Already making smoothies and been using the phone cover/purse forever and a day now and I am still try to figure out how to use my iBooK. 

5. Smiling, I am blessed that I can smile everyday regardless of my situation. I will not stop just because an event happened  in my life, I smile and forge ahead. 

These are my Top 5 Friday, let me know what yours are and share a link and I will check out the blog.

Thanks for the love, enjoy your weekend. 


Monday, May 05, 2014

Week 23: Monday Currently

Happy May Bank Holiday for those in the UK, so as you can see I have had some free time to blog this morning instead of rushing to get to the office and get on my piling list of "To Do" things. Anyway onto today's post, I was cruising the lands of bloglovin when I stumbled upon ItsRozee blog post "Sunday currently" and since its Monday kinda too late for me to join this linky so I thought I grab the idea and do my Monday currently. So her goes nothing:
Reading: Nothing at the moment but intending to read the "Procastinator"
Writing: This post
Listening --> Aloe Blacc's Red Velvet Seat
Thinking: About that person
Smelling: Clean air, the weather is beautiful and I just love that summer is finally starting to look promising
Wishing: June can come already, holiday booked and packed (lol) excitement overload
Hoping: That one day I will be able to do it
Wearing: PJs this rare time in my now hectic life I am making full use of it.
Loving: That this will be our first holiday abroad with both parents in 15years
Wanting: To change a certain timeline in my life
Needing: Soldier boy to show his face
Feeling: Loved
Clicking: Bloglovin, checking out many a blog posts to read and get inspired.
Happy Monday All!!

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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Week 22: Insight into myrabev's corner

I would like to introduce to you the blogger behind the blog, most of you will know this is my second blog and my main blog is "A July Dreamer". On this blog I claim to share 4 areas of my life and interests, so what exactly are those 4 areas? Well sit back and enjoy as I try to explain my areas of interest to you.

Personal Confessions
Obviously every blog is personal to the blogger unless otherwise stated. Most people who know me have split me into two groups; emotionally controlled or guarded. I am both and it depends who the person is, I am very emotionally driven but I am guarded too when I sense  deceit (laughs at self so much) or unfamiliarity. I have confessed about pretty much all areas of my life, I have confessed about my Heart and even about my Past. But if you listen carefully you will find most of my confessions are geared towards relationship advice or issues.

One of my main Mottos and one I am trying to live by is depicted in the first quote and in this post "Happiness is a choice", how you live your life it is up-to-you. My lifestyle is pretty simple be happy, smile always and do not hold a grudge because I do have any energy to waste on haters.

I have written countless posts on relationships and my main points still remain true to today, and that's: 1) Look after number 1(YOU) first then others and 2) If it was meant to survive it will keep at it and stay strong and if not see below quote. Some examples include Trust, Cheating Cul-de-sac, You Know its worth it when!!

I am no health nut but I am living an almost junk food free life and that's an achievement for me. I have shared with you here my secrets and what exercises I am doing to keep fit. Some examples include: Exercise Routine, Personal Motivation, Benefits of Exercise and Self Motivation. All of these posts sing the same tune which I am constantly trying to remember and incorporate into my daily routine.
That's an insight into what Myrabev's Corner is trying to achieve as I try and find my niche and hone in on my so called skills or areas of strength. 

Thank you for always coming back to read and support this little corner of the world.

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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Week 22: Smiling with a hint of retail therapy

Hello there, so today's post I am just sharing my week so far in pictures. I have had an amazing week personally but work has been murder (no pun intended). My theme for this week has been smiling as often as possible and I am doing it from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. I feel positively good and refreshed even though my insomnia has been playing up again. I so need some new tips to sort this insomnia of mine.

Also apart from smiling I have been doing a little retail therapy. I watched Lily Pebles video and I so wanted me an on the go blender so I got one like from Lily's video. Also I wanted a cover/purse for my phone so I ordered the one below which I am now using I so love it.  I have also been wanting a tripod stand for my camera I got for Christmas so I bought this one from eBay as well. And finally I got me a cheap mac iBook to keep me busy until I save up enough for a proper one. 

That's my week so far, what have you been up to and are you smiling enough?

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